Today, WE RACE

What a great day to race indoors. The race starts at 10am sharp, so a few tips and pointers for you.

Get the apps here – . If you haven’t tried RGT, set up the app early, get used to it. It really is very easy.

WEIGHT – make sure your weight is correct in your profile. You are only cheating yourself, and because you are racing people you know, they will know if you are all of a sudden much faster.

The race link is here –
Follow the link on your device, click Signup. 10 minutes before the race, go to “Races”, then “Registered”, then open the race and click “Join”. This will take you to the start line. Warm up there.

LAG – if you are seeing lag (clock slow, jittery movement), set you graphics to low (green screen at top of app).
Power Smoothing – set to “instant”. 3 seconds will give you 3 seconds of lag.

Hook into the conversation on our Discord Server – chat to your competitors here –

There are plenty of starters. Once race, all in. it will self grade. See you there.