PDCC Member Update May 2020

Member Email – 29 May 2020

We trust this email finds you and your family well. It is certainly a strange and difficult time in many ways, our thoughts are with our members, and their families.

It has been a while since we last saw each other, and it is time to give you a bit of an update on the club activities during this COVID-19 period, and our plans to get back to what we do best, and that is race.

We are now into stage 2 of the restrictions. While this means that we can train and gather in groups of up to 20 while maintaining our distance, it is still very difficult for us to get back to racing. Cycling Australia and Westcycle have released a document and do not recommend group racing as yet. Our issue is around the gathering before and after the races, and the fact that groups will meet on the road. We will need to wait until stage 3 unfortunately, and reassess the situation. This will mean that the earliest we could be back to racing would be late June at the moment, however we will have to wait an see. Our usual go to locale the Motorplex also has an uncertain future, so this is out for us as well at the moment.

During the period, we have been far from idle. Some of the things you may have seen.

  1. Website Update – You may notice some significant updates to our website, and a slight change in the way we are posting updates. The idea here is that our Website should be the primary place of information for our members, our Social pages should be just for distributing that information. We are now getting this right, and hope that you will be able to see the difference.
  2. Virtual Racing – We have started racing Virtually, you may have seen the vision, or even joined in. The virtual racing has become very successful, and we are proud to be able to offer some level of competition for our members. We decided to utilise the RGT Cycling app for a number of reasons. Our first foray into virtual racing was on ZWIFT, but it was not a very pleasant experience. We were riding with 5000 people, and just lost everyone. We found RGT cycling, and have not looked back. RGT gives the club the ability to organise private races. It also gives us the ability to utilise local roads, and gives us plenty of flexibility. While it is not the most popular app, it works very well for the club, and we would thoroughly recommend it to all our members.

  3. Peel Junior and Women’s TourThe Peel Junior and Women Tour has just been completed Virtually. It turned out to a success for the club and focus to develop Junior and Women participation in our sport. The event attracted 235 Junior Entrants from across the country, and 50 Women. Matt Poyner and Peter Dawson did our commentary, and our vision saw more than 14,000 views.

  4. YouTube Channel – we now have our own YouTube Channel due to the amount of virtual racing we have been doing. We are planning to utilise this more when we return to our normal operation, so make sure you subscribe.

On Saturday 6th June, our first Road Race was planned to go ahead. Unfortunately we cannot do this as we normally would.

However, we will be racing as planned, just in a virtual world. Racing will be graded as per usual, and all there will be a points competition for members as per usual. Our events have been updated on our website, so you can view them all here, and see the changes to our calendar as we go. At this stage the first 3 events in our calendar will be planned this way.

We understand there is a limitation, and this is not a great solution, it is however the only one we have, and we hope that you will get involved if you can. If you would like to join us, see our Virtual Page on our website for how to get involved. All you need is a power meter.

We hope our actions are keeping you as motivated as possible during this COVID period, and we hope to see you out on the road soon.

PDCC Committee