Peel Junior and Women’s Tour 2020 PROVISIONAL Results

The Club would like to thank everyone for their participation today. We believe it was a good day of racing, and we trust everyone enjoyed the day.

There are a few people we need to thank for bringing it all together. Firstly our commentators Matt Poyner and club Vice President Peter Dawson. It was a very long day in the seat, and they did a fantastic job. We also need to thank Kristan Hoops and Colin Bell (Sunbury CC President) for collating results for us. Nicholas Connan for the commissaire work, Kipp Kauffmann from Cycling Australia and the team there, and the team at RGT for helping us out. Also, to my wonderful family for their patience today.

I would also like to thank the entire cycling community we touched today for their wonderful support. Cycling is one of the great sports. We hope we have inspired the Juniors and Women that participated to keep training and work hard for the next few events, and hopefully maintain some motivation during this tough period.

We are racing on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays evening at the moment on RGT. Everyone is welcome to join us, see our Facebook page for details.

PROVISIONAL results can be found hereĀ  – We need to review a few, and confirm the results from some official communication from RGT. We will post them as soon as we have them available.