Peel Junior Virtual Tour 2020

Just like the Women’s tour, the Henk Vogels Cycling Foundation Peel Junior Tour in 2020 is going virtual. The club is utilising the RGT cycling platform to enable this race to happen.

We are extremely excited to have the Peel Junior Tour the first race in the National Junior Road Series which is also being held on the RGT Cycling platform. 

There are already over 50 entrants into the NJRS and PJT event, with currently only 1 entrant from Western Australia.

The Peel Junior Tour caters for grades U11, U13, U15, U17, and you do not need to be a member or hold a race license to enter these events.

The NJRS grades are U15, U17 and U19. To accumulate points for the NJRS series, you need to be a Cycling Australia member and hold a race license.

Both events are free to enter, you can enter on EntryBoss here – for the PJT, or here for the NJRS Series (4 races).

Peel District Cycling Club have been running races with RGT Cycling for the past 6 weeks. Everyone is more than welcome to join in the events to get used to the system, which we highly recommend. All details on how are on our website, and our calendar has our virtual events listed. Head here for the details

We would love to show the eastern staters that they just cant come over here and take over our event. That however, is up to you.