Peel Women’s Virtual Tour 2020

The Peel Women’s Tour for 2020 is fast approaching on May 24. Due to the COVID-19 issues we are seeing, the tour this year will be held virtually on the RGT Cycling app. The event is a completely FREE event, and you DO NOT need to be a member of a club, or have a race license to join in.

The club has been doing a lot of racing on the RGT app over the last few weeks to prepare for this event. If you want to know what it is all about, feel free to jump into any event that is coming up between now and the Peel Womens Virtual tour. All events are listed in our race calendar on our webpage

If you want to know more, our Virtual Racing page has everything you need to know.

What can you expect? Fast graded racing where you will be challenged and rewarded. Live streamed images of the event for spectators via our Facebook and YouTube pages. An open voice chatter channel within the race via our Discord server makes the racing about as real racing as you can get at the moment.

The tour will be just like all the other Women’s Tours we have conducted. Three events over the course of one day. The first event a Criterium, the second will be a flat road race, and the third will be a hilly road race. Points will be awarded per grade for each event with the overall winners coming from the combination of all three events.

FREE Entries are open via Entryboss here –

It will be a lot of fun, and you wont even need to leave home. We hope to see you there.