Virtual NJRS and Peel Junior Tour

Today Cycling Australia announced the National Junior Road Series will be run virtually on the RGT Cycling application. This will be a 4 event series starting on May 24, and running every second week.

As you know, the Peel Junior Tour is planned for May 24. PDCC is pleased to advise that the Peel Junior Tour (all 3 races) will be the first event in the 4 event series of the NJRS. Being a virtual series, this allows competitors from around Australia and New Zealand to enter the Peel Junior Tour. As you could imagine, we are super excited with this.

The Peel Junior Tour has grades U13, U15, and U17. The NJRS is graded in U15, U17 and U19, so we will be running an additional event for the Peel Junior Tour.

Also on this day is the Virtual Peel Womens Tour. We simply cannot wait to run this event, and are planning to make the live production top class. This is going to be one massive day for the club.

HELP NEEDED – we really want to be able to give the opportunity to as many of our juniors and women as possible. The limitation is the requirement for Smart Trainers or Power Meters. If you have equipment that you are happy to loan for our Juniors / Women to use on May 24, please advise the club. Likewise, if you would like to join in the race, but do not have the equipment, please contact the club so we can match it all up.

The club will also be organising a number of training nights for Juniors and Women that want to get used to the RGT System before the day. Keep an eye out for the events.

We will keep you updated as things progress.