Collie to Donnybrook Focus

Australian road cycling doesn’t get much more grass roots than a time-honoured country handicap. Save for a single year during the Second World War, one of the longest-running has taken place on the third Saturday of August every year since 1925: the 104km Collie to Donnybrook and Return Cycling Classic.

Bicycling Australia Magazine 24 May 2014

Now that we have season back on track, it is time to renew more of our 2020 plans. This year, the club decided to focus on supporting the Western Australian classic cycling events by offering our members the opportunity to train and race together to target each individual event.

Unfortunately the Lowry and the Cyclassic were both cancelled this year due to the virus. However, this gives us more reason to focus on the Collie to Donnybrook in its 95th year which is happening on August 15, and deliver a team that is fully prepared to give it a red hot crack.

One thing we learned during the “lock-down” was how to race and train virtually. RGT Cycling gives us the ability to train on specific roads. This gives us a significant advantage, the ability to train virtually on the same course will allow our members to prepare for this event like never before. It may even remove the local knowledge advantage.

From Tuesday 30 June, every week at 6.30pm, we will be running a 7 week training program every Tuesday up until the event. The schedule is below, click the links below to put them in your RGT app calendar under “group rides”.

The training will be conducted on RGT Cycling as a group ride. There will be BOTS to follow wheels, we will use our Discord Server for group chat. You can race it, or train it.

Join in the training whether you are planning to attend the event or not. You dont even have to be a PDCC member. All are welcome.

We cant wait to get back to “Classics Racing”