PDCC Return to racing

We are almost ready to race next weekend. Just waiting on a few final pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. The calendar has been finalised, and we are pushing full steam ahead.

You are going to see number of changes taking place due to COVID-19 Stage 3 requirements, please be aware of them, and how they will affect you. We need to protect our volunteers from any potential risk, your assistance in this matter is appreciated.

Race Registrations – ALL registrations will be completed online via entryboss

  1. The field will be restricted to 90 participants in total.
  2. PDCC members will receive a link via email to enable priority registration. 
  3. Visitors will gain access to registration on Sunday night.
  4. Race registrations will close at 5pm Thursday.
  5. If you are on a wait list, you will be notified on Thursday Evening if you are entered into the race
  6. We will not be collecting race licenses. If your license is not correct on Entryboss to allow for verification, you will not be entered into the event until it can be verified. Temporary Licenses will need to be confirmed prior to the event via email.

Scratching / Refunds

  1. You will be able to scratch yourself with a full refund from the race until 5pm Friday evening via entryboss. This will enable us to call up others that would like to race.
  2. NO REFUNDS will be given if you are a DNS, as other people will be missing out on racing.

Race sign on / Registration

  1. The registration desk will be “Self Serve”. You will collect your number, transponder and helmet cover based on your race number.
  2. Race numbers will be posted, and emailed to you
  3. You will require to collect, and remove pins from your numbers
  4. Return will also be self serve with numbers, pins, transponders and helmet covers to go into separate tubs for sanitising.


  1. Whilst we would like to, we cannot offer separate male / female grading at this  time.
  2. Grades will be A, B, C, D, and E
  3. You will be matched with competitors of a similar ability.

Maintaining Distancing

Please be aware of your surroundings at the registration, race control desks and other areas on the course. Please maintain your social distancing requirements at these busy areas. If you are asked to move on, or review your surroundings, please oblige.

Races will start in 3 minute breaks, please wait for your call up before heading to the start line.

If you are unwell, please stay at home and recover.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone out there. If you have any specific questions prior to the event, please contact the club.