Peel District Cycling Club Membership

Last year Cycling Australia changed the membership calendar. So now it does not matter when you join, your membership will be for a full 12 months from your joining date. So if you join now, your membership will be valid until July 2021.

It is the perfect time to join the club, we have just started our Winter Series and have a full summer series planned. You can see our full calendar on our website under events.

When you purchase a membership through Cycling Australia, there are a number of components to it. Firstly, your PDCC club membership is included when you select PDCC as your club. Your membership also includes insurance for when you are racing and training, plus affiliation with Cycling Australia and Westcycle. Our schedule of fees is below.

Peel District Cycling Club Schedule of Fees
Category Ride Basic  Ride Race Non Riding Club Membership (Inc in CA Fees)
Kids – U13, below  N/A  $    70.00  $          70.00  N/A   $                            15.00
Junior – U15,U17,U19  $                  84.00  $  110.00  $        217.25  N/A   $                            15.00
Concession – 65+, Para-Cyclists  $                  84.00  $  110.00  $        217.25  N/A   $                            15.00
Adult – Regional  $                  84.00  N/A   $        307.25  N/A   $                            30.00
Adult  $                  84.00  $  151.00  $        341.10  $           55.00  $                            30.00
Elite  $                  84.00  N/A   $        406.10  N/A   $                            30.00

There are also 1 week, and 2 month Race Starter packs available if you would like to give racing a go. You can review all of the membership categories and their key benefits on the Cycling Australia website here.

If you are already a member of another Cycling Australia affiliated club, and you want to join PDCC because you like what we do, fill in the form on our membership page and send it with your membership fee to our club treasurer.

There are also a large range of member benefits available through your Cycling Australia membership, you can view the benefits here –

If you have any questions, any one of our members or our committee will be happy to help you. Feel free to get in contact with them.

We hope to see you at one of our local events very soon.