North Dandalup Handicap Registrations Open

Our club handicap event registrations are now open. Jump onto entryboss here and register – 

Our little club could not even begin to compete with the Classic Open event of the Collie to Donnybrook and Return that was run so well on the weekend by Collie Cycle Club. Congratulations to the team on such a fantastic event. With only 8 seconds between the winners and the chasing scratch bunch, the handicapper did an amazing job.

We certainly did not plan to have 2 handicaps in a row split by the Collie event, but that is the COVID year for you, it is making for an interesting season.

To get motivated, here is the full video on the running of the 95th edition, including additional footage of the turn in Donnybrook.

Collie to Donnybrook and Return Cycling Classic 2020