Peel Classic 2020 Training – Starts Tonight

Our Virtual Training series for the classics season continues tonight with starting to prepare for the Peel Classic 2020. As usual, the training will take place on the RGT Cycling Platform, for information on how to join in head to or on our website here –

The Peel Classic is on October 4, so we have a full 7 weeks to prepare. The events are all on our website calendar with the Group Ride links that you will need to join.

You don’t have to complete it all, start at 6.30, then jump off when you feel like it, it is a tough ride with 600m of climbing. The picture shows you exactly what you are in for if you do the whole thing.

To join in tonight, get set with the RGT Cycling apps, and follow this link to register for the group ride – . At the time to join (10 min before) go to group rides, registered and select the ride, hit join. Dont be late, training will start at 6.30pm on the dot.

It is all FREE to use and train. A perfect way to keep motivated in the wettest month of the year.

The Peel Classic this year is going to be epic.