Race Report – State Junior Road Race Championships and President’s Cup – 8 August 2020

Last Saturday saw riders from Albany, Bunbury and Kalgoorlie ride the Junior Road Racing State Championship at the Casuarina Circuit last Saturday afternoon. These races were followed by the Peel Districts Cycling Presidents Handicap.

junior women cyclist solo

Chloe Del Passo wins the Under 15 Girls Road Race State Championship with a strong solo ride

In the under 11 race saw Campbell McDowell attack early and ride away to the others to take a convincing win, with Connor McManus second and Zach McManua third.

The under 13 girls group was riding at a steady pace when McDowell passed then. This caused Faye Wiggins to spring into action and attack the bunch, chase down the under 13 boys who started two minutes ahead of them. Wiggins soloed to the win, with Lily Lucas second and Kristeen Hapi third.

The under 13 boys rode a more conservative race ending in a bunch sprint, which was won by Fraser McRobbie, with Chase Haines second and Tadhg Bryan third.

The under 15 girls saw Chloe Del Passo attack early and ride away solo, catching the under 15 boys who started 2 minutes ahead of the girls. The boys reacted chased Del Passo caught her, only to be passed again as Del Passo time trialed to win by a big margin. Talia Murphy was second and Karri Buchanan third, their rewards for a long chase.

The under 15 boys, was a stop start race, with no riders willing to commit it ended in a bunch sprint which was won by Sam Washington, with Finlay McRobbie second and Callum MacGillivray third.

The under 17 girls saw Isabella Commons and Emily Wiggins ride away, the pair built a good margin and in the two up sprint Wiggins took the win, Commons was second and zara Williamson worked hard for third.

junior male cyclists sprinting

Nicholas Bolt sprints to victory in the Under 17 Boys Road Race State Championship

With the under 17 boys the race was on from the start within the first two kilometres of a 70 kilometre race, two bunches of five were formed. The award for perseverance must go to Jake Bozich in his first ever race, missed both group and rode the race solo to finish. The next two laps say the two bunch circulate at a similar speed, without the gap changing. Then the second group exploded, leaving riders spread all over the course as the front five rode away. While there were a few attacks, there was still five riders contesting the finish which was won by Nicholas Bolt, with Ben Pepper second and Ryley Collett third.

Once the juniors finished racing, over 90 older riders took to the start for the President’s Cup. A handicap race where their start time is based on their ability, and if handicappers get it right, everybody finishes at the same time. Unfortunately the handicappers underestimated the final group on the road which contained the best riders in Western Australia. Expecting them to average speed of up to 45 kilometre an hour, Instead they beat the course record by over 15 seconds, averaging 47.5 kilometre an hour and kept going. After two laps they had caught the two groups of very good riders who started in front of them. Over the next three laps they caught and passed all the remaining groups. It was only on the final lap, with nobody left to chase, they slowed to average of 45 kilometre per hour. In the sprint finish honours went to JP Van Der Merwe, with Steven Hall second and Calum Milne third.

two male cyclists sprinting

JP Van Der Merwe (left) wins the President Cup Handicap from Steven Hall