Safety at our events

You have heard it plenty of times before. “Stay Left!” and “Get off the road!”. These are words that are yelled way too much at our events. People are just not listening. The effect will be the club will lose courses, and will not be allowed to race on the road at all.

In running an event, the club is required to gain approval from the Local Government Authority, and the Police Department. The LGA sets out all of the rules for us, we must follow these which stipulate how we must conduct ourselves. The biggest issue we face is minimizing our impact on local activities. To do this, we need to ensure the traffic continues to flow, and is not too impeded by our activity.

We have two problems with this issue around our event village. Firstly, when people stand on the road, the traffic slows, and moves to the right hand side. This causes issues particularly when the racing is on. The effect is that by standing on or near the road, we push the traffic into the competitors. It is not safe, and we need to minimize this. Please stand well off the road if you are spectating, socializing, or waiting to register. There is plenty of room to allow this.

If you are on the road with your bike, mount it, and begin moving with intent. Do not wander all over the road, or loiter with your bike, this adds to the problem, make sure you are wearing your helmet and signalling your intentions.

The next issue is when grades finish their race, there begins a congregation on or around the start line with other races finishing. We want to encourage the social side of racing, but show courtesy to the other races. Move well off the road so that they can finish their race as well. It is the right thing to do, and it is safe.

With the Police Approval, we gain approval for a temporary suspension of road rules. This allows us to do two things. Firstly is allows us to ride more than 2 abreast. Secondly it allows us to contravene a stop sign when the intersection is properly controlled. IT DOES NOT allow us to ride on the wrong side of the road. This is why you are seeing cones on corners, and more activity from our commissaire. You need to stay left, for your safety and that of others.

If it is windy, and there is an echelon formed, you cannot cross the middle of the road to find that little bit of cover. You MUST stay left. There is simply no excuse. If there is no centre line marked on the road, you must stay left of the middle of the road, it is easy to find. The same for goes corners, you MUST stay left of the centre line. Yes, by doing this the racing will be more difficult, but it also offers more reward for effort as your position matters more, and by being more difficult you will be working harder. This is not negotiable.

Some competitors received warnings on the weekend, and from now on we will take action in accordance with the CA Technical Regulations July 2020 if you are seen on the wrong side of the road. This action may include fines, disqualifications, or racing bans. We need to stay left. The centre of the road NEEDS to be the edge of the road in your mind. We are now geared up to enforce this as our commissaires and corner marshals all have radios, if your number is reported, action will be taken.

We do not want to be forced to hand out penalties, that is the last thing we want to do, so we need you to help us.

Please be very conscious of how your actions affect the perception of the club by outsiders from when you get to the event, to when you leave. Thank you for your help with this issue.