Winter Kermese

At the start of the year, the club had planned to run a number of Kermese events at the Motorplex through the winter season, this facility was to replace the Serpentine course that was determined to be too dangerous with the additional traffic observed last winter. The planned events were cancelled before the season started as the Motorplex was closed due to COVID restrictions.

The facility has just opened again, and we have managed to secure a couple of dates to finish off the season. It is not often the club races weekends in a row, but it will make for an action packed end of the winter season.

The Motorplex facility brings many benefits to the club. The 3.3km course we have chosen is quite technical with some fast twisting turns, and incorporates the Motorplex climb. The facility allows us to run individual grades for both Men and Women, and removes the need for restricting grade numbers. Being a fully closed circuit, there are no vehicles on the course which makes it the safest course we can offer.

The course will open at 12pm, and racing will begin at 1pm. We plan to run all A, B, C, and D grades for both Women and Men, the weather looks great for the weekend, and registrations are strong again.

If some grades are not full, we will extend the racing for those grades that are full to offer the best experience to those that enter.

Entries are now open on ENTRYBOSS HERE. We hope to see you there.

Grade Start Time Duration
Mixed E Grade (U11 / 13) 1pm 1 Hour + 1 Lap
D Grade Men (U13 / 15) 1pm 1 Hour + 1 Lap
D Grade Women 1pm 1 Hour + 1 Lap
C Grade Men (U15 / U17) 2pm 1 Hour + 1 Lap
C Grade Women 2pm 1 Hour + 1 Lap
B Grade Men (U17) 2pm 1 Hour +1 Lap
B Grade Women 3pm 1 Hour + 1 Lap
A Grade Men 3pm 1 Hour + 1 Lap
A Grade Women 3pm 1 Hour + 1 Lap