South West Bike Trek

We told you we have wonderful volunteers at PDCC.

Eric Maddock is one of our Super Volunteers, Eric is at every event we hold, he is there early setting everything up, he manages a corner for you, and he is always there packing up. 

The South West Bike Trek is Eric’s passion. He has been organising this event for the past 17 years, and has raised over $700,000 for The Children’s Leukaemia and Cancer Research Foundation Inc over this period. 

The 2020 South West Bike Trek is expected to follow the below schedule:

Day 1 Sunday 11 October South Perth to Fairbridge
Day 2 Monday 12 October – Fairbridge to Preston return
Day 3 Tuesday 13 October – Fairbridge to Harvey
Day 4 Wednesday 14 October – Harvey to Bunbury
Day 5 Thursday 15 October – Bunbury to Busselton
Day 6 Friday 16 October – Busselton to Margaret River
Day 7 Saturday 17 October – Margaret River to Augusta

If you can support the event with a Donation, please do. Donate here to support Eric, and the South West Bike Trek.

We wish Eric and all of the riders the best of fortune.